Help Webster Elementary map potential Peregrine Falcon nests

/ Tuesday, October 25, 2011 /

It's not uncommon for smaller critters to make their homes within our houses, office buildings and other artificial structures —often to the distaste of the owners— but in Manchester there is one place where a larger set of animals are welcomed. A top the Brady Sullivan building at 1750 Elm St. resided a family of nesting Peregrine Falcons until June this year. The falcons have nested on the 13th floor of the building five years in a row and biologists have tagged each chic to study the length of their lifecycle.

Female at 1750 Feb 2011 via Spectra Access
Helen Dalbeck of Amoskeag Fishways is piloting an urban wildlife series with the 5th grade class of Webster Elementary School in Manchester. The series is focusing on the Peregrine Falcon and where else they might nest in the city. She has extended a challenge to the Manchester Oblique readership to help out and send in pictures of any buildings in the city that are either 8+ stories tall or 80+ feet tall (church steeples and alike included), along with their addresses (coordinates are also welcome), so the class may build a comprehensive map of other potential Peregrine Falcons nesting sites. 

If you have quick few minutes and would like to help out, snap a quick photo of a tall building and send the photo and address to manchesteroblique at gmail dot com. I will post all of the photos here with the proper credits.

It's an interesting, natural, reuse of space that no one had intended. It would be amazing to see the tops of entire buildings dedicated to becoming bird sanctuaries, giving rare and endangered species another place to nest. You could even build enclosed observations areas where people and employees could come to eat lunch and watch these beautiful animals. Clients on a tour of the facility would stop and watch the birds-of-prey nesting before them, adding an extra wistful and warm element to their trip.


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