Hooksett's sewer disk spill

/ Monday, September 19, 2011 /

While not directly about Manchester, the city was effected by a mishap with our neighbor to the north, Hooksett. Last March, the Hooksett sewer plant "spilled" 4.3 million white, plastic, bacteria-collecting sewer disks into the Merrimack river. The disks floated down stream landing on the river banks of every adjacent town until the spill eventually hit the ocean. Disks were found washing up on beaches from Scarborough, ME to Rhode Island. The clean up is still going on as I type.

A sewer disk.

The clean up tab is approaching $1.5 million and several towns from Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island are billing Hooksett for their efforts, including $25,000 of contested overtime rates sent by the Bay state.

Something like this really goes to show just how interconnected everything is, especially when talking about water ways. It's a constant moving and changing space that so many are effected by. I wouldn't be surprised if a European or two happened upon one of these white disks while walking along a Spanish beach one day, picking it up and pondering it curiously, never knowing its origin or the contention it caused between several New England states before tossing it back on the ground or, hopefully, into a waste basket.

Merrimack River watershed map via Wikipedia.


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